the feast ( 1 x 60' )

It surely is not a pleasure being at the sardines´ position, thinking about the vast armada of predators that follow the biggest floating fast food restaurant: 20.000 common dolphins, 5.000 bottlenose dolphins, hundreds of fur seals, some ten thousands of sea birds, hundreds of whales, vast numbers of game fish and thousands of sharks. Also humans fall into a kind of Sardine feaver. Professional netfisher catch up to 700 tons of Sardines each year, attracting thousands of local people that collect sardines even in their shoes and T-shirts.

This documentary shows all the aspects of this spectacular nature phenomen. Hunting strategies of the predators are portrait as well as survival techniques of the sardines. For the duration of the sardine run, some deathly enemies cooperate while hunting and it seems that they hold a cease-fire, while some other hunters become the hunted.





Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : Ocean-Pix Productions

YOP : 2009