The green list 13 x 30' 


Going ‘green’ is the new rebel with a cause. It is quirky, novel and simple, and can even be incredibly sexy. In this brand new series we explore how the world’s entrepreneurs and power-houses are going against the norm to fight for a cause they believe in – saving the planet!

Each episode focuses on a part of your lifestyle that can become eco-friendly. Join us to learn how you don’t have to cut back on your ‘hip factor’ to go green.

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint on conventional travel by choosing eco-tours, and staying at eco-friendly resorts. Fill your house with eco-friendly furniture from designers working with recycled materials. Discover green grooming tips, the coolest planet-friendly beauty products and neat lifestyle changes that fit into the routine of any glamour gal. Eat at the world’s yummiest organic restaurants, from hippy San Francisco to cool LA. Drive to work using an eco-friendly luxury car. Choose a wedding dress made from hemp fibre and visit designers around the world embracing natural fibres and dyes. Finally, learn how to solar power your hi-tech gadgets.

Episodes : 13

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Film Formations production in association with the Media Development Authority of Singapore for Channel News Asia

YOP : 2009


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