the malaysian arms heist 1 x 60' 


On July 2nd, 2000, Fifteen men posing as high-ranking army officers stage an Italian Job-style arms heist at two military camps, escaping with over 100 high powered weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. When Malaysian Police discover the robbery, they suspect the culprits plan to trade the weapons on the black market, or worse still to militant groups in the region. Two local police officers are sent to investigate but are captured as hostages instead by an Islamist cult fighting for Malaysia to be an Islamic state. They call themselves, Al Maunah.

In 32 hours, four hostages are taken; two of them tortured and murdered, and 3,000 security force personnel are dispatched onto the scene. Malaysia’s most gripping hostage drama unfolds as four individuals relive their stories through gritty interviews and vivid re-enactments. Lieutenant General, DSP Abd. Razak, Mohd Shah Ahmad (the only surviving hostage) and Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali (Al Maunah leader) share their unique perspectives of the country’s first-of-its- kind criminal military operation.

While Lieutenant General Zaini exposes details, which were never disclosed to the media, DSP Abd. Razak shares his minute-to-minute account of the entire police operation. We also get into the murderous minds of Islamist group members, willing to kill for their cause.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A Rack Focus Films production for AETN All Asia Networks in association with FINAS

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