the plastic fantastic brain 2 x 60' 


A Gemini Award-nominated Canadian documentary, investigates new research from the frontiers of neuroscience that is changing our fundamental understanding of what the human brain can do. Can a blind man learn to “see” with his tongue? Can a woman missing half of her brain become a successful Paralympic swimmer? If these seem like unusual questions, the answers are even more surprising.

Until recently, medical science assumed the brain was incapable of changing or adapting to damage caused by injury or disease. Neuroscientists, however, have discovered that the brain in fact has the ability to rewire, regenerate and heal itself – a trait referred to as “plasticity.”

The Plastic Fantastic Brain examines the work of leading researchers from Canada and the U.S., and introduces the viewer to four ordinary people whose extraordinary brains are helping to unlock the mysteries hidden within our grey matter.

Episodes : 2

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Stornaway Production

YOP : 2010


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