the wine guys ( 6 X 30' )

The Wine Guys follows wine importers and good friends Michael, Chuck and Charlie on a quest to find the next best wine. Charlie is a self-professed “wine soldier,” and world-class sommelier with a larger than life personality. The other two vino amigos are sharp stingy import entrepreneurs Together, they visit exotic vineyards from around the world to hunt and bargain for new wines and bring them to a thirsty North American market.

The format is an aspirational series that takes viewers on a cultural adventure exploring wine, travel, cuisine, history, commerce and tradition, resulting in a new business deal in every episode. Along the way, amusing wine factoids, culinary eye- candy, explosive personalities and surprising twists will entertain everyone from wine beginners to vino geeks.

Episodes: 6

Runtime: 30 mins

Production Company:  Less Bland Productions