travel wild Series 2 13 x 30' 


The face of travel is changing as an increasing number of people go in search of destinations that remain in a pristine state. Free of crowds and off the beaten path, these places are visually spectacular, biologically diverse and of enduring value. In each episode of Travel Wild we transport the viewer to a different location in a far away corner of the world. Host Lin Sutherland takes eco-travel to the next level and embarks on nature-based adventures that don’t compromise on creature comforts, yet will appeal to the growing group of travellers who crave to get back to nature. The series is peppered with opportunities to leave a positive imprint on the world through activities such as the replanting of coral reefs, replenishing of endangered marine wildlife and rediscovering lost civilisations.
Lin camps out on an iceberg, swims in a lake filled with thousands of non-stinging jellyfish, and goes in search of the feared Anaconda. She trains as a Mahout, bicycles salt pans and hikes the peaks of ancient volcanoes. Her accommodations will include a Maharajah’s lake palace, a luxury bush camp and some of the most dreamy over-water villas you’re ever likely to see. These are all places that operate in a manner designed to preserve the planet and support host communities. Travel Wild captures a kaleidoscopic picture of life in a rapidly vanishing world.

Series : 2

Episodes : 13

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A Below H20 production

YOP : 2011


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