two women & two babies 1 x 60' 


Two Women & Two Babies is the moving and remarkable story of Lisa Banfield. Lisa was lucky to survive treatment for two bouts of cervical cancer, as well as a radical hysterectomy. She was told she could never have children. But Lisa was still determined to have children of her own. Somehow...
We follow Lisa and her husband through an extraordinary chain of medical miracles spanning more than three years. It’s a story full of medical twists, with extreme highs and horrendous lows.
After four years in menopause, doctors discover that Lisa’s ovaries have begun to function again. Amazingly, she is ovulating! This is a medical first.
Lisa decides to use an American surrogate mother to host her eggs.
Krissy, the surrogate mother, is already a mother of two. A devout Christian, she is living two hours north of Los Angeles in the rugged Mojave Desert.
The moment the babies are born signals the end of a six-year ‘project’ for Lisa and her husband. Fraught with anxiety and anguish for both women, it wasn’t until Lisa held her babies that she knew
their story would have a ‘happy ending’.
The strongest bond of all, motherhood, links the personal journeys of these women. Above all, this film portrays young women of incredible strength who defied the weight of medical knowledge by
believing in what they wanted.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : An RSVP production


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