undersea edens 6 x 30' 


Our southern oceans are teeming with life, colour and constant danger. Each ocean hosts a bounty of wild species, with predators at every turn. Explore the most life-abundant and stunning seas on our planet, above and below the waterline.

Travel to places so remote, few film crews dare venture. From the giant kelp forests of Tasmania to remote coral reefs off Papua New Guinea. From massive 15-foot manta rays to the tiny imperial shrimp, smaller than a child's fingernail.

Discover worlds and creatures so rare, it's hard to imagine they even exist.

Shot over six years, master underwater cinematographer David Hannan has composed a grand look into our ocean world. From the pristine coral reefs in Western Australia to the icy waters of South Georgia Island, this series is a visual feast.

Episodes : 6

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Plankton Production

YOP : 2009


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