The Unlikely Leopard 1 x 60' 


From acclaimed filmmakers, and National Geographic Explorers in Residence, Dereck and Beverly Joubert.
Narrated by Jeremy Irons, The Unlikely Leopard is the coming of age story of a young male leopard called Dikeledi who has a distinct personality.

Join us as we follow this leopard through his life stages, from clumsy cub and stubborn teenager to independent adult. A coming of age story of a young male reluctant to leave home, where food and companionship arrive at his feet every few days from a diligent and tolerant mother. He gets up to mischief when left alone and, as the filmmakers follow, the story of that crossroads we all confront is seen as a parallel in animal life.

Get an extraordinary, up-close view into this leopard’s life from when he is few weeks old to when he has to move away from his mother and off into the wide world, living on his instincts and adapting to his oversized paws and lack of experience. Set in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Wildlife Films Botswana Production for National Geographic Channels

YOP : 2012


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