veil of dreams 1 x 60' 


Enter a world where deep-rooted sacred customs meet contemporary athletic aspirations. Football in Iran has gained much popularity among women out of their passion towards football. Wearing the traditional Islamic veils, they would play the game with an atmosphere of unbridled joy and limitless energy. This documentary will follow Iran’s women’s team as they compete against other international footballers. Meet the women, who dare to push customary limits in pursuit of a simple ambition to take part in a sport where there are no restrictions, but only freedom to express themselves in a game that used to be for men only. Armed with the same enthusiasm and competitive spirit, viewers will be let into their personal journeys to see the world from their points of view that are usually kept only to themselves. Find out how this journey will affect their lives and provide unforgettable memories for these young women.

From the rigorous preparations on training grounds to their most awaited trip, from the kickoff of each match to the end of the tournament, from their place of safety out into the open world, these women will follow wherever the game takes them. Such is the passion that burns inside them in spite of the restrictions set within their society. In victory or defeat, wearing their chadors or not, it is clear, the sport breaks down barriers of countries, cultures and traditions, brings different people together, and sets free the restrained side of these remarkable women in pursuit of their sports dreams.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : An Oak3 Films production

YOP : 2008


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