vets without borders ( 1 X 60' )

Vets Without Borders follows unstoppable veterinarians and vet techs as they tackle animal suffering in Guatemala and Mexico. Using limited supplies and boundless ingenuity, these vets are doing whatever they can to improve the lives of pets, strays and the people around them.

Fulfilling these missions is far from easy and takes its toll on the teams. They struggle to manage animal emergencies without access to the medical conveniences they're used to at home. Despite these challenges, the vets must find a way to push through their emotions to help transform lives of people and animals.

In Guatemala, the residents of the tiny mountain community of Todos Santos fear of being attacked by rabid stray dogs that roam the village. In desperation, they tried poisoning dogs to stop the attacks and the spread of the disease. It didn’t work. Now, Veterinarians without Borders (VWB) is stepping in with an innovative, and humane, solution.

VWB embarks on a major dog spay/neuter and disease control program to cut down on the number of stray dogs and prevent the transmission of rabies. It might seem straightforward, but how do you deal with dogs that aren’t used to being handled by people? How do you do surgeries without an actual clinic? The VWB team is creative and able to think on their feet – will that be enough?

Near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a vet team from the Mexi-Can Vet Project will help sterilize over 200 dogs in just 4 days. This Mexican community has permanent vet clinics with some resources available, but many of the local residents can’t afford them. Some of the strays they help will be lucky enough to catch a flight back to Canada with the vets to get the specialized treatment - and homes - they need.

Vets Without Borders is a compelling documentary that connects its audience with the vets’ emotional ups and downs as their lives and the lives of the animals and people they’re helping – are forever changed.

Episodes: 1

Runtime: 60 mins

Definition: HD

Production Company: May Street Productions

YOP: 2016

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