Waterways - The royal canal 6 x 30' 


The series celebrates the final re-opening of the entire Royal Canal to navigation after more than half a century of derelic- tion. Dick Warner makes his return on a barge called the ‘Rambler’, an original 70ft Royal Canal Tug Barge built in 1878. On his journey, Dick meets both experts and ordinary people who live along the canal banks, learning from them about its heritage, history and wildlife. However, Dick’s journey is also full of dramatic, unforeseen moments; ‘Rambler’ is large, not very maneuverable and it’s a difficult task taking her down the Royal Canal.

Dick discovers how the canal was constructed in the late 18th century as a major commercial venture, and how its history mirrors the history of Irish capitalism. He also uncovers a trove of archaeological and historical nuggets, from an Iron Age site to tales of whiskey production and consumption, famine emigration and curious anecdotes such as the story of the Ribbonmen, a 19th century rural secret society. The series also reveals some of Ireland’s natural heritage, including several species of water bird, several species of fish, butterflies, water plants, wildflowers, trees and woodland. It features items on renowned literary and artistic figures such as Brendan Behan and Oliver Goldsmith. Dick’s mesmeric voice brings together history, heritage and wildlife to give a unique view of life along this beautiful waterway.

Episodes : 6

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Tile Films Production in association with RTE

YOP : 2011


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