we call them intruders 1 x 60' 


Seventy-five percent of all mining companies are headquatered in Canada, and this century’s global scramble for metals and minerals has led hundreds of Canadian mining corporations to Africa in search of the next big mine find. Home to some of the world’s financial poorest, Africans live on or beside mines that generate billions of dollars in profit each year. Many of these mines are financed, in part, by ordinary people paying taxes, putting away savings, making RRSP contributions and paying into pension plans in Canada. But who gets rich off Canadian mines?

We Call Them Intruders begins in Canada, when our main characters discover that their pensions, taxes and investments are supporting Canadian mining companies operating in Africa. Viewers are then taken on a journey to the sites of Canadian-owned mines in Tanzania and Zambia. Set against a backdrop of local sights and sounds, we speak with government officials, community members, industry and corporate representatives, mine workers, independent experts, and non-profit organizations. We find that the situation is more complicated than we first imagined. Back in Canada, we probe into the many ways in which the “average” Canadian invests – often unknowingly – in mining and how we can work towards positive change.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: Cinecoop

YOP : 2015


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