whatever! The science of teens ( 5 X 30' )

Teenagers are a uniquely human phenomenon, other animals skip this phase altogether, developing rapidly from infancy to adulthood. At no other time in our lives do our physical and social attributes change so dramatically.

Teenagers seem to live in a world of their own design and creation– a world summed up best with one very commonly used word - 'Whatever!'

We all know the clichés but are teens just designed to defy? Or is this latest batch of teenagers really a 'new teen order'?

'Whatever! The Science of Teens', explores the science that drives adolescent behaviour. The science is explained by leading scientific and behavioural experts who comment along the way and conduct some unusual, but always enlight- ening experiments.

In each episode we meet actual teenagers. By dissecting their lives we attempt to illustrate the biology behind the bad behaviour. And it's NOT simply a matter of raging hormones. Our teens also act as 'lab rats' for regular experiments that bring the science to life.

Episodes: 5

Runtime: 30 mins

Definition: HD

Production Company: Essential Media and Entertainment

YOP: 2009

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