what's in my pocket ( 13 x 30' )

You’ve all heard the famous line, “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”  As a contestant on W.I.M.P. you will have the amazing opportunity to reach into a stranger’s pocket for a chance at love and an amazing date.

Three eligible male daters are introduced to our female contestant prior to host Matt Geiler banishing them to the Dating Van, where they will remain until they are either eliminated or exit victorious.

In each round our daters are represented by different coloured jackets in which they have placed items in the pockets to describe themselves to our contestant.  Leah and the possible daters will be reacting to the contestant blindly reaching into each pocket.  Every round, a dater is eliminated and kicked off the bus until one winner remains. 

Episodes: 13

Runtime: 30 mins

Definition: HD/4K

Production Company: Hoplite Entertainment

YOP: 2016

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