white-a memoir in color 1 x 60' 


In this deeply personal and emotional exploration of racial identity, director Joel Katz shares his family’s journey of immigration, assimilation, liberal idealism, bitter disillusionment, and ultimately, reconciliation.

The son of Jewish parents, Katz’s father became a professor at Howard University. As a white educator working at the nation’s preeminent African American college during the turbulent Civil Rights Era, he was subjected to a range of difficult experiences and emotions, including an attack by a student.

When Joel Katz also becomes a professor at a predominately non- white university, he must confront his own racial attitudes — but this reflection on race is made all the more important as Joel and his wife enter the adoption process and are faced with the prospect of adopting a non-white child.

White: A Memoir in Color chronicles Katz’s quest to under- stand the difficult notion of identity as they select their preferred race for their adoptive baby, and become the parents of a mixed-race child. This film brilliantly exposes the dimensions of race and prejudice in America’s multicultural society.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: An Oniera Films production

YOP : 2011


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